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Its is a privilege to support amazing people who choose to make a positive difference in their lives by using natural and safe products for your Health, Home and Happiness.

doTERRA is Ancient Knowledge for Modern Health.

We are Leigh & Brian Skead of Empowering Oils Global



We support your shift to True Wellness, Love and Vitality.

doTERRA is Ancient Knowledge for Modern Health.

Convenience, Knowledge, Power.
Scientifically Proven and User Friendly for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial well-being


Boost their immunity
Support growing bodies with common ailments
Support respiratory function
Promote calm relaxation and restful sleep
Soothe sore muscles and joints
Reduce head tension
Replace expensive store bought toxic cleaning products
Make delicious treats and healthy recipes
Support emotional health



Support a village while you look after your family. doTERRA uses co-impact sourcing and obtains its CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils from Artisan Growers who nurture the plants where they grow indigenously (wild).

doTERRA sets up long term contracts so the growers support us and in turn doTerra pays regularly not just after harvest, provides water, housing, schooling, and horticultural expertise

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. The foundation is one of the ways doTERRA reaches out and serves communities in need. They do this by partnering with organizations and doTERRA Wellness Advocates to offer hope to millions around the world. Through the foundation's efforts, lives are freed of disease and poverty, and communities are empowered with the tools needed to become self-reliant. We encourage you to donate $1 or 1% or your A/R balance, with every monthly order 

doTERRA, means "gift of the Earth,"

When our teenage son was young I learned the negative effect toxic chemicals in our bathroom products, such as toothpaste (check out the colour coding on the box), shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, has on our organs, and even worse effect on developing bodies and brains.
worse still these chemicals go down the drain into our water systems and negatively effect the environment and our wild life.

Look after yourself and planet Earth by using safe natural products.

Essential oils are from flowers, leaves, bark or roots of plants, trees and grasses.Your bathroom products (toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner) or purchase




Do you have a passion for supporting other people to achieve their Dreams?

Are you ready to Lead, Nurture and Empower Others to achieve their Dreams of Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Financial Well-being?

We Believe in You and your Leadership

If You have Your "WHY" we have the "How & What" to nurture and support you as you nurture and support others

Join Us on this Fabulous Journey

We want to wake up everyday and know we have Abundance.  Abundance of Health, Energy and Vitality. Abundance to provide Schooling, Sport and Travel for Our family
Abundance of Abilities to Empower Others to achieve Abundance

For many years we have had Just ENOUGH. Just Enough money to pay bills, pursue sports but it was always budgeted for, accounted for.
Then I realised Just Enough was my Thinking,

I realised with Just Enough we were being selfish. If we had Abundance then we could help others. 

Then I realised Abundance starts with about Abundant thinking










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